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Rajasthan is not only a royal and a princely state of India; it is also the largest of the country. The state is renowned all over the world for its attractive tourist destinations that include forts and palaces, temples and museums and all things royal. Here is a thorough glimpse of the treasure trove called Rajasthan just for you:


The exotic cities of Rajasthan

Almost all the cities of Rajasthan have a different story to tell. They all have great characteristics with rich culture, heritage and tradition. Visiting Rajasthan and its princely state might take you as long as two weeks to cover, but each day will also teach you something that you might not have known before.

For instance, the city of Jaisalmer is known as the Golden City because of its magnificent yellow sand stone structure of the Jaisalmer Fort, Udaipur is also known as the city of lakes and also the most romantic city of the country. It is surrounded by three interconnected lakes, Fateh Sagar, Swaroop Sagar and Lake Picchola.

The city of Jaipur is the capital city of the state. It is also known as the pink city because of its pink colored buildings. It is also a very well planned city with a lot of tourist attractions like Hawa Mahal, City Palace etc. There is also Jodhpur which is fondly known as the Blue City and the Sun City of Rajasthan.

There are also many other smaller cities with big attractions like Ajmer, Alwar, Bikaner, Mount Abu, Bundi, Pushkar etc that each have some special characteristics that make them stand out in the state of Rajasthan. Plus check out chetram voyages Rajasthan tour package to gather more information on places to see in Rajasthan and how.

The royal palaces and forts of Rajasthan

There are numerous palaces and forts in Rajasthan. In fact they are so many in numbers that you might be overwhelmed if you want to visit all of them. Some of the must visit forts and palaces that you can visit in Rajasthan are, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer Fort in Jaisalmer, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amber Fort in Jaipur, Lake Palace and Deogarh Palace in Udaipur, Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur, and Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner. There are also several forts like Nahargarh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Junagarh Fort, Bundi Palace etc.

And Jaipur is one of the best place for a traveler to explore some amazing forts. One can gather information on Jaipur holiday at Chetram Voyages Jaipur tour package.

The great Indian desert- Thar

Rajasthan is essentially a desert city. The western and some parts of the southern side of Rajasthan are covered by the Great Indian Desert Thar. It is also one of the major tourist attractions of India and in Rajasthan. You can take a quick peep at the life of desert through the desert safari that comes in a package with the desert camps located on the borders of the desert.

To view and explore the desert, you need to visit the desert cities like Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. Jaisalmer is the most popular desert city of Rajasthan and the Sam sand dunes receives thousands of tourists from both domestic and international circuit each year for hosting them at the desert. And do checkout Chetram voyages jaisalmer tour package to get the list of places o see in Jaisalmer, Sam and Jodhpur.

Businessmen and families who are vacationing find it difficult to adjust in a certain place like New Delhi especially from being tired traveling. The traffic hassle is an added factor as to why travelers prefer staying at a hotel near the airport.

Good thing though that there are hotels that are available for leisure and business travelers that are well within the radius of 5 kilometers from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Here are the 5 top choices of hotels that are in close proximity to the airport with great amenities and right on the budget type of accommodations.

Hotel Pitrashish Pride

Hotel Pitrashish Pride

Hotel Pitrashish Pride

Pitrashish Pride is a boutique hotel located in Kapashera which is just a few minutes away from the New Delhi international airport. Hotel Pitrashish Pride is a brainchild of the Pitrashish Group which offers mid range budget hotels with luxurious amenities. The hotel has 45 well designed rooms that are comfortable and modern, perfect for business travelers and families.

It is also a good place for doing corporate events because of how elegant it looks despite its size. The Gardenia café and Savor restaurant offer a multitude of cuisines that are good to the liking of everyone. The two jewels of Pitrashish Pride are well designed and keep an international standard requirement to be a top destination for dining and room accommodations.

The distance from the airport, economy class tariffs, comfortable room accommodations, and well designed reception area are good points to consider in staying at Pitrashish Pride, a top hotel of choice for international and corporate travelers.

Thus if you are looking for a hotel near new Delhi international airport then Hotel Pitrashish Pride Delhi is a perfect accommodation option for you and they also offer free shuttle service for their guests.

Hotel Delhi Aerocity


Just 5 minutes away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3, Hotel Delhi Aerocity is a perfect area of stay for travelers who are tired from the long haul flight. With its close proximity, guests will definitely be able to relax immediately upon landing on the international airport. Aside from comfortable room accommodations, the hotel is also a good place for any occasion.

Traveling for business with a side of daytime getaway, Hotel Delhi Aerocity will leave no stone unturned as the staffs are ready to help you make your stay a breeze. An added bonus is the fact that it is a budget hotel with luxurious rooms and amenities.

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi

About 5 kilometers away from the international airport, the Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi is a nice place to relax the tired feet and body from traveling. The hotel is also close to the business district of Gurgaon which makes it a perfect choice of stay for business travelers.

Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi offers 261 modern rooms with great amenities such as internet connection, air-conditioned rooms, and exquisite bathrooms. The Plaza Lounge and the Savannah Bar will appease one’s quench for drinks to get a good night sleep. Guests can also unwind in the pool area that is designed to perfection, or in the spa for a more relaxing stay in the hotel.

Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport

Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport is just 4 kilometers outside of the Delhi international airport. With 316 budget rooms and of sheer elegance, it is by no means that Hotel Ibis Delhi Airport will not be a hotel of choice for backpackers, families for the holidays, or business travelers.

The hotel is located at the Aerocity between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport with the best amenities in the area such as hi speed internet wi-fi connection, sound proof and air-conditioned rooms, as well as a free airport transportation. The open air dining will leave guests unwind from traveling, and the amazing swimming pool releases tensions from tired feet and body.

Four Points by Sheraton New Delhi

To the hotel and hospitality management, the location of the property is everything. At Four Points by Sheraton New Delhi, guests will not only feel rejuvenated from how relaxing the entire lobby and room design of the hotel is, but also of how comfortable the accommodations are for business travelers and holiday seekers who want to spend a few nights stay.

The perfect location of being near the international airport is an added feat which means there is no hassle from the New Delhi city center traffic as well as that it is just a few minutes away from the business district of Gurgaon. The hotel is a top choice of stay for businessmen who never liked the idea of being stuck in traffic and families who want to spend a relaxing get away from work and school.

Today niche tourism is becoming popular in the travel industry. This trend has reached India too. Today more and more tourists are looking out for locales that would help them to be healthy and fit. This is termed as wellness tourism these days and gives the tourists a kind of travel that is emphasized mainly on the importance of being healthy and gives a lot of therapy and relaxation.


A person can have may ways of being well and healthy. On one hand wellness can be simply relaxing and rejuvenating. On the other side, wellness tourists could a spiritualist way of relaxing. Many years ago the Romans and the Greeks went on pilgrimages and got a lot of spiritual healing. The concept is the same today and ahs had many going on such trips and coming back totally rejuvenated mentally and physically.

Today wellness tourism is a part of touring India. The sudden rise in popularity is due to the wellness centres around and the only thing that is required is accreditation to the locales and education and safety while touring these beautiful places.

The latest news is that western tourists are travelling towards east to find out the therapies and philosophies that are used traditionally. Since the country is many times linked with spiritual and healthy practices, it is but obvious that tourists are coming here to flock the country and live in harmony.

The trip is also getting easier as the tourists plan to travel to cities by flight. Hotels are also contributing by building spas attached to their hotels. Then there are medi spas which are slowly making an entry into the market. The fact that the tourism industry is understanding this and more makes travels comfortable and the citizens are also taking benefits from the promotions of the wellness holidays and such kind.

The main reason why people go on these vacations is because this relieves mental and physical strain and India is said to be a destination where you can relax and enjoy. There are around 2300 resorts and more in India and out of these almost all would have spas thus giving you the right opportunity to enjoy in your tours.

Spas are the latest inclusion in tours and wellness tourism is one way in which you could relax and get health benefits too. India was actually given the rank among the tope 20 spa countries. Local hotels also provide spa facilities for the benefit of the customer.

Beach holidays are also very famous wellness tourism options. This is the best way one can unwind. So get the best beach resorts and go back with memories of a great beach experience. Get fit and get well by going to places like Thailand and Phuket where you can have a fantastic beach holiday. Then there are places like Malaysia where again you have a lot of beach delights.

Besides this it is a very good idea to combine historical locations as visitors tend to enjoy variety. Mountains and oceans are greatly favoured places to have spa locations and the travellers find that such spots give them a lot of wellness factor and help them in recovering soon. Wellness tourist is thus growing into a travel necessity and it is a segment that today no one can ignore. There travellers thus get a combination of wellness experiences and travel itinerary. Combining both helps the tourists to do a lot better.

The basic idea behind having an adventure travel is to have a wellness break and so while tourists enjoy the simple excitement and pleasures, the fun is unlimited when you have decided to give your body a break. So how do you decide where to go for the wellness break? It could be a beach, a mountain or just a plain resort with the best kinds of facilities. Traditional resorts are today the mainstay of adventure holidays. There are special trips here which give the family he much needed break and excitement.

Luxury travel is also bringing the spirit of adventure, the best of itineraries and the most fascinating kind of shopping delights. All this contribute to a great deal and people are happier that small time outings can actually take care of their health.

Thus wellness breaks are a way of ensuring that you are able to take a breath and also are kept fit and fine.

If the concept of shelling out the night time under the moon and beautiful skies, delighting close to a bonfire with your pals and just experiencing the elegance of nature captivates you, then outdoor camping is the perfect method to spend your vacation. India with its wonderful destinations, different jungles, plain areas, hills & valleys provide a huge range of options of interesting camp-sites.

  • Uttarakhand



Best time to go to: April to July

Tons Valley is an outstanding camping out in the Jaunsar Bawar area of Garhwal in Uttarakhand. Situated at a height of 3600 feet over sea level, Outdoor camping on the side banks of the great Ganga at Rishikesh place and Kaudiyala is also a very well-known option. Some of the things to do you may appreciate here while camping out consist of Sportfishing, water rafting and mountain climbing.

  • Rajasthan

Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes

Best time to go to: October to March

The Sand Dunes encompassing Jaisalmer have turnned out to be the most well-known method of experiencing the beautiful golden Rajasthan deserts by famous people, newly-weds on their honeymoon and adventure lovers as well. Get to sleep under the stars stuffed desert sky in the night time and take in the sand dune secrets in daytime on camel or jeep safaris. Osian-Jaisalmer Hwy also is an excellent hiking place that provides you conventional folk songs and evening hours bonfire as points of interest. Lodurva, Kuldhara and other Khuri villages are also a perfect platform for camping out.

One of my favourite camping Destination in Rajasthan is Jaipur and an awesome unique luxury resort in Jaipur Rajasthan name Lohagarh Fort Resort. This resort is situated in remote area of Kookas and along with luxury accommodation they have Swiss Tent. These tents are just nest to natural like pool and in morning one can enjoy the sweet voice of peacocks. My recommendation is to visit this place and judge my words.

  • Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Best time to go to: March to October

Quarry Lake, other like Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur and Sarchu in Lahaul are some of the ideal camping locations in Himachal. Around 9 kms at distance in Dharmshala, the Quarry Lake is a clean and beautiful lake. This lake is not linked by road and one particular requires traveling to this lake. A stunning camping area can be organized at the on the bank of the lake.

Chail – a modest town, located in north Himachal and made on 3 hills provides another attractive camping location in Himachal. You may also enjoy in hiking, mountaineering via the small town while camping out in Chail. Don’t not miss Dharmshala place if you are hiking in that place. The significant hiking areas in Himachal lie between Dhauladhar & Pir Panjar ranges.

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  • Ladakh



Best time to go to: May to September

Vast arid desert, perfect sights of the great Himalayas, camping out in Ladakh is a lifetime practical experience that everyone need to have if one likes outdoor camping. No matter if you are camping outdoors at the Mystic Sangla Valley at the West Ladakh Camp, the only experience is often fascinating right here. Amazing at the amazing sundown, or get in the pure elegance and enjoy migratory wildlife as they go about their work, go for mountaineering or go apricot finding while camping out in Ladakh.

  • Kerala



Best time to go to: October to March

A hill town – Munnar, of 10 gardens and waving mountains, has been significantly considered as a hiking location for tourists viewing South India. You can travel through the jungles and move your outdoor camping sites daily. The high cliff Hut is recognized as the greatest camping out place in whole Southern India. The region Wayanad of Kerala with its lavish greenery is another exciting outdoor camping location in Kerala between the attractive nature, savoury coffee farms and more.

Enjoy your Trip!

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In all of the best restaurants in a New Delhi city, there are top 4 best choices for those locations with the best attraction and the most effective reputations. Personally giving properly checked out choices to allow you to find out New Delhi dining all by yourself. If time is truly limited, although, and you don’t have the time to go through via all choices, then there is a list of top romantic Restaurants in New Delhi. These dining places guarantee an outstanding experience and a flavor of the Delhi city that you basically can’t neglect.

There are some amazing romantic dining places in New Delhi which are listed below:

Indian Accent

New Delhi- Indian Accent restaurant is amidst the top two dining places in India at Asia’s 50 finest 2014 restaurants. It’s an awarded as the greatest restaurant in India. Indian accent features Indian food for the Twenty-first century with a new approach modern food selection menu that is likely to motivate the adventurous, still fulfill conventional palates. The eating place also has a personal dining-room and a pub. The 2 gigantic silver Diya trees and shrubs of life offer an Indian Accent to the contemporary decoration.

Castle 9 Restaurant & Lounge

Castle 9 Delhi

It’s an ideally situated in the center of Delhi, the Connaught Place, which is a simple and easy combination of the regional lifestyle with all the high-class & designs. Castle 9 provides 9 finest dishes of the entire world. The luxurious food selection stretches a fragrant journey from the Indian landmass to the East. With the best of alcohol brand offering on the bar food list with an exclusive choice of wine beverage, they make sure that visitors will get every little thing that you wishes and many more.

Also check out this awesome blog post by Hotel GTC on places in delhi for couples. It has more than 20 destinations apart from the restaurants which I have mentioned but they are all awesome. So just check them out.

Moets Shack

The shack is one of the best seafood lounges & bar at Moets, New Delhi. It serves a multiple dining selection of Indian seafood, Italian seafood & Lebanese Seafood. Their pub also features a superb range of worldwide wine beverages, drinks and cigarettes. For the customers, there is an extensive choice of fresh new meats, sea foods and also poultry to select from in addition to fresh new & in season amazing fresh vegetables. The food items are classy yet traditional in nature. The age group will find it as retro style, natural and interesting restaurant.

QashQai Kitchen and Bar

It is situated in the humming New Delhi city. QashQai has made a great image into the hearts and minds of the men and women of Delhi with its food items. This eating place has acquired the admiration of 100s of customers for its meals and assistance. The decorations are made up with ideas of vibrant purple, cool lighting style and huge, relaxed setting. The people at QashQai get the menu fairly significant, and that’s the reason customers appreciate the delightful hummus food , also falafel and other Mediterranean sea special treats each and every day. The restaurant also has Italian made and Mexican made food on the food selection menu, which is value for money.

Have a great experience with these places!

Explore Top 5 Hotels to Stay Near New Delhi Railway Station

Railway Station in New Delhi is one of the biggest railway-stations in India. It’s located in the nearby distance of Older Delhi & the famous Connaught Place. The train stations are maintained and operate by the Northern Railways. The important traveler destinations close to the New Delhi Railway Station consist of Museum of Crafts, Raj Ghat, Forts and amazing Nationwide Zoological Park. Since it is the main railway station in the town there are a huge variety of choices offered to stay around the railway station.

Here is collection of top five hotels near New Delhi Railway Station are as given below:-

  • Radisson Blu Marina Hotel
  • Hotel G T C
  • Hotel Aura

Connaught Place- Radisson Blu Marina Hotel

Radisson Blu Marina Hotel

This hotel is providing extravagance in Delhi city that provides comfort with its vast area and 5-star amenities. It has a complete assistance spa, health and fitness center and 4 eating out choices. Only ten minutes travel from New Delhi Railway Station to this hotel. In-room luxuries consist of ironing features and a safe. The Sauna services and relaxing massage therapies are available at the spa.

Hotel G T C

Hotel G T C

Hotel G T C is some of the best budget hotels in South Delhi and is a good option for all those travellers who are looking for hotels near new delhi railway station. The hotel has 23 rooms and there amenities are well suited as per business travellers like stationary in the room, conference and meeting halls, projector and most important their rooms are sound proof. Plus the owner of the hotel is a born traveller so her understand the needs of a corporate traveller and thus he is able to deliver such service.

Hotel Aura

Hotel Aura

Hotel Aura is situated in Paharganj very close by to Karol Bagh, the biggest Asia’s shopping arcade. This Hotel provides amenities like washing laundry expert services, medical professional on call, telefax, e-mail & WI-Fi Internet services, lift services, cash changer, mini-bar in bedrooms, traveling desk and continuous electricity supply. Furthermore these hotels are also assisted with Fitness center, Therapeutic massage Services and Spa, Heavy steam & Spa Bath , Vehicle parking Service.

Have a great experience with these best hotels!

 For more information upon hotels check Google Hotel Finder.

Visit this beautiful paradise in Lakshadweep Islands in Indian tours and take back with you wonderful experiences at one of the best green destinations in the world. Agatti Island beach delights provide you with tours involving exciting moments in silvery beaches, fascinating turquoise blue lagoons, and luscious green coconut palms. Time seems to stand still with mesmerizing beauty that is hard to resist. This is in fact one of the most scintillating tropical islands in this part of the world and has been totally untouched by the rush of tourists who dominate the visual sights.

Agatti island, India

Take back with you wonderful experiences of an emerald green idyllic palm clad island and enjoy the simple delights on the long white beaches, which give you more than what you asked for. The multi coloured lagoon with its various life forms and the beautiful sight of the diamond surf that is formed by the waters here is indeed a sight to cherish forever. This is one of those few enchanting places where you get to see all shades of green, blue, and white and provides you with ultimate travel luxuries. Coral reefs too add to the visual delight and the quiet ambience and tranquil surroundings make things even more fascinating. This is a place where you get to see the best of rejuvenation experiences of the mind, body, and soul. This is paradise beyond description. The resorts and the beautiful experiences of rowing, diving, and swimming make your visits here memorable and provide you with the best beach experiences.

Everyone would love to come to a place that has beautiful surroundings, warm people, and amazing travel memories to take back. Agatti Island gives you all this and more.

Come to the beautiful land of Seychelles and enjoy the lovely environment and ambience here. In the beautiful waters of the magnificent Indian Ocean, lies a pristine island on earth. This is the Cousine Island which is a priceless piece of land here and is a favourite of all those who visit this part of the world. Cousine islands are one of the 113 islands. These group of islands are located around 1600 m from Kenya.


There are basically four kinds of proper planning. The four villas in the islands are located just around metres from beach. Cousine Island and Spa is a greet resort for all of us and if you can get here then you are in the most perfect destination. Luxury or service is never given a compromise.

Cousine Island gives the best opportunity of viding an island that did not make public its beauty but made the tourist want to come back for more. With the best kind of hospitality and it is a home away from home. There are tortoises and birds that welcome you so be ready for a lot of interaction. You also get to see the skinks, which are found sitting quietly and nibble. There are many activities here so enjoy the snorkeling trips and walk besides of course the night safaris and the snorkeling trips. There would be conservation staff would be alongwith you in visits and would throw a light not he conversation that you had at the end of the day. Rent an island and enjoy the travels here.

Cousine Island

There re mutton birds of shear water chicks which are sold as meat here and the shells and meat of turtles used to be killed for eating. Casuarinas plantation today occupy the place that was occupied by the natural habitat. The wood here was sold as firewood and poultry, livestock and a coconut plantation was the source of food for the people living n the Cousine Island.

It was in 1992, that the major potential of the island was noticed and it was then kept separate as a Conservation island. There were many habitat restorations that were carried out and at least 8000 trees have been planted here. Huge tortoises were saved and they were taken care of properly and allowed to roam without fear. Then the Seychelles Magpie robin was brought in the years 1993 to 1996. In the year 2000, the Sooty terns were seen again here in Cousine Island. They were brought here to breed. It is said that the terns were not found in this island for at least 30 years. In 2007, Cousine Island saw the Seychelles White eye entering here. The island today is a great haven not only for animals and birds butt also for man.

Tourism here started sometime in 2000, and there is a certain excitement in visiting the island as it gives you complete privacy and you could have your own escape to heaven here. The guests here also know how to keep the balance of enjoyment and sound here and the unique manner in which man and nature have combined here is something not to be missed.

Cousine was actually a place where runaway slaves used to be kept. Today it is a great travel destination with the best of ambience and the most of travel delights. People come here and enjoy to their heart’s content, as it is truly a fantastic paradise. Cousine Island is one of the rare places that have quietly been existing without many knowing about it. Today its sheer surroundings and amazing ambience have made it one of the top destinations in tourism in the world.